So how do I know the kind of marriage partner I may be? What are the warning signs that tell me I’ll most likely not make my marriage enjoyable? Today on ishare100, Jerry Okelade (Pst) shares with us on 5 signs that you maybe a bad marriageable partner.

Just as a doctor will diagnose a sins through its signs and symptoms in the same way, it so good to diagnose whether you are a good marriage material. In order not drive home my point, it is good to x-ray some of the signs and symptoms of a bad marriage material.

When You’re Selfish

Marriage is not only a commitment a haven where the essence of love is in self-giving. This is not to suggest that you should lose yourself with your spouse, which can also be detrimental to a marriage. It only means if you’re only thinking about yourself, your spouse becomes an object-not a partner- and mutual love cannot grow. If you want him to cater to you constantly without reciprocating, you’re not good when it comes to compromise, and you don’t want to share him with family and friends, chance s are your selfishness will eventually alienate and suffocate him. Most selfish people use their partners’ love against them and hold their partners accountable for their own happiness.

2.     When You’re Extremely Jealous

If you’re a jealous person by nature, this won’t change once you out a ring on it- it’ll only make it worse. Agreed that we’ve all been jealous from time to time, and some may argue that a healthy level of jealousy is actually good for a relationship. However, extreme jealousy is a sign of insecurity, and professing your love before God and guest won’t change feelings of low self-esteem or inadequacy. Now that’ he’s not just your boyfriend, but your husband, your possessiveness will increase tenfold and you will feel threatened by every woman he homes in contact with if you don’t get a handle on your jealousy issues. Be honest with yourself and get help if needed.

3.     When You’re A Party/Club Person

Most men wouldn’t take too kindly to their wife dropping it like it’s hot in the club every night. A few ladies could tolerate a night crawler for a man. There’s nothing wrong with partying and mad marrying and having a good time with friends, but when you have a partner at home who wants to spend quality time with you, it’s not good. Going out with your girls from time to time is great, and he should get out with the peers as well. No one is suggesting that you cut off the rest of the world where you have no outlet. However, the type of opening and frequency should not compromise the amount of time you spend with each other. In marriage, you need to find a balance between being together and being out with others.

4.     When You Do Not Like Children

There is nothing wrong with liking or not wanting children – it’s not for everyone, and it doesn’t automatically exclude you from being seen as a wife material. However, you have to keep in mind that if you are a dating a person who wants children\, or who has children already, then it won’t matter how much you love him/her….it’ll never work. He/she will resent you, and you’ll be miserable. Children are a commitment all on their own aside from marriage, so if you both aren’t united on this front, the marriage will eventually collapse.

5.     When You Are Promiscuous Or A Cheat

Let’s face it, you know if you’re a cheater or not. This is not to say that once a cheater, always a cheater but most people who are repeatedly unfaithful in relationships don’t change unless they truly are ready and they want to. If you want to, then great you can change and be a great wife to a wonderful man. But if you haven’t finished sowing your royal oats, then don’t bring anyone else into your mess. Remain single until you can remain faithful



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