Today on IShare100 I share you with you some tips on how to become a better you, how to improve on yourself so as to add value to yourself.
If you desire to command respect amongst your peers, at workplace etc without necessarily asking for it, or you desire to have a good self-esteem then it is important that you fine tune or sharpen the qualities you possess. Follow me as we look at seven ways to become a better you.

1. Invest Your Time on BOOKS
Books are written in other to communicate knowledge. This became necessary especially given the fact that man is not an omnipresent being, that is, he cannot be in Nigeria and UK at the same time. Thus man writes in other to share his thoughts, ideas and/or experience with anyone concerned.
It’s time to start reading books. Read books that will transform you into whatever it is you want to become. Read good books that will give you that push to soar higher than you could ever think of. Once you buy a book, check the number of chapters and set a goal on how long you intend to study on that book. I will recommend that you don’t spend more than one month on a book except if it’s necessary. It is also good to do a review of books you’ve read once in a while.

2. Try a New Hobby
It’s time to pick a new hobby, to try something new. Is there something you desire to be doing but you always procrastinate on. It’s now time to start doing that thing.
I’ve always wanted to write articles but always give up as soon as I start. Well, now I don’t just write, I blog thanks to helpful materials like “if you want to write” by Brenda Ueland. Someone recommended it for me, click HERE if you’re interested. I currently take piano lessons and very soon also I will be on YouTube. 
So make a list of hobbies you like, pick up one or two and work on till it becomes part of you. It is pertinent to invest your time on things that will develop you.

3. Overcome Your Fears
Where will you be five years from now, if you continue to do what you’re doing right now? Will you be happy with the person you become by then? If not then now is that time to break through those walls. The best way of defeating your fears is embracing it. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from attaining your objectives. You don’t want to look back at the years you’ve spent on this earth and lament instead of rejoicing.
Build on your self-esteem, change your mentality, Be bold like a lion (or if you like, King David in the Bible), soar high like the eagle, recognize your flaws and work towards perfection. 

4. Be Principled
Stop living your life like a leave tossed about anyhow by the wind. Its okay to learn from people but there should come a point in time in your life when people ought to also learn from you. Have principles or code of conduct you live by.
Don’t be the kind of person who eats anything, maybe anyhow and anywhere, have a good eating habit. Don’t be the people-pleaser kind of person, smoking, drinking or flirting only so you could gain acceptance amongst your peers. BE UNIQUE. be friends with those who have respect for how you feel and respect your own opinion.

5. Seek Mentorship
a wise man once told me, son , if you desire to achieve your vision quicker, find someone who has been where you are and learn from them”. Chances are that you will not make the same mistakes that they make while soaring to achieve that dream that you’re currently pursuing. it is good finding someone to watch and advice you. if the personality you seek to learn from isn’t really accessible or not within reach(for reasons such as location or engagements) then consider getting books by that personality.

6. Distance Yourself from Negative People
These guys are like viruses, they can destroy the “born-to-conquer” mentality in you with a single word. They rarely share ideas with you but the moment you bring one, they will give you a hundred and one reasons why that idea won’t work. So keep close friends who build you up or encourage you to do so and distance yourself from those who don’t.

7. Self-talk
People many atimes see us exactly the way we see ourselves. if you keep telling yourself that you’re a failure, then most likely you won’t excel in anything reasonable and the society will end up thinking of you that way (A BIG FAT FAILURE).
So who are you? What you say to yourself about yourself is very important. Stop saying negative things about yourself, have the “Yes, I Can”, “I’m special”, “I’m unique”, “conqueror” mentality. If people don’t agree with you, let them be, for it’s only a matter of time before they are humbled to their knees.

I conclude this article leaving you with a word of wisdom from two great personalities

Henry Ford
“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right”

Eleanor Roosevelt
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

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