How to Remove Hard Drive Partition (Without Software)

Unpartitioning a drive merges that particular partition into the original drive. It adds more space or extends the volume of the original drive which had been partitioned.
Removing hard drive partition is a good thing to consider especially if you intend to sell your computer or external hard drive. This is a way of restoring the drive to its factory default.
please note that before you engage this process, it is wise to backup or copy to another location the contents of the specific partition your seek to unpartition.
How to Remove Drive Partition:
1.  Go to “Disk management tool”.
Windows happens to have this tool preinstalled. It shows you all the drives connected to your drive (including external hard drives). Locate the tool via any of this three ways
ü  Go to “start menu” and type “disk management”.
ü  Open run from start menu and type in enter diskmgmt.msc, it will take you to disk management straight

ü  Right click on my computer, scroll down and select manage. Select “disk management” under storage from the left pane.
2.   Delete the partition
If you have copied that you need from that partition then proceed, else I will advice that you do so first of all.
ü  Right click on the partition you wish to remove and click delete from the drop down menu.
ü  The partition should now be designated as unallocated space.
3.   Allocate the space back to the original partitioned drive
To mere the unallocated space, go to the drive from which the deleted partition was created. Right click on it and select “extend volume” from the drop down menu.
A wizard will automatically popped up when you clicked extend volume. Keep selecting next to progress through the wizard. Click on finish when it’s available.

And that’s how to delete your unwanted partition with software…..don’t forget to like, share and comment!


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