How to Partition Hard Disk on Windows 7/8/Vista

Partitioning a hard disk from “my computer” is like creating a new and distinct from your hard disk. Hard disk partitioning has to do with compartmentalising or separating your disk into parts to suit your own purpose.

To do this simple task, you need to first of all activate administrative privilege on your computer

How to partition a drive: 
     1. After you right click on my computer, scroll down and select manage. Select “disk management” under storage from the left pane. Alternatively, you can open “run” from the start menu and enter diskmgmt.msc, it will take you to disk management straight.

2. Now, select the particular drive from which you seek to create new volume by right clicking on the drive and clicking “Shrink volume” from the drop down menu that appears.

3. Please note that 1GB = 1024MB, so all you need to do once the window shown above appears is to calculate in MB the total disk space you want for the new volume and enter it into the box labelled, “Enter The Amount of Space to Shrink”.

For example, I need 10GB of disk space thus 1GB = 1024MB then for 10GB I will multiply 10 * 1024 = 10240MB. Enter the value into the box and click on “shrink”.

4. Your new volume is currently designated as “unallocated”. Right click on it and select “New Simple Volume”. Couple of windows will appear so you can customise your new volume by changing stuff like the drive letter and naming the newly created volume.

Keep clicking next until you’re done. Click on finish when you’re done, you should have the new partition up and running. Go to “My computer” to preview.

Well guys! That’s all it takes to partition your hard disk, no need of any software to do it. Both your parent and new partitions are working perfectly. If this tutorial helps you, why don’t you share or rate this? I will also appreciate your comments below, thanks…!

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